The Far West Heritage Association’s Mission is to tell the history of the Far West through individual stories of ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences. A new generation is stimulated by programs connecting local community and agriculture history to the visitor’s everyday lives.

The Association, as stewards of the Chico Museum and the Patrick Ranch Museum, is considered the leading cultural attraction and the definitive cultural interpretation of the area.  Chico Museum and the Patrick Ranch Museum offer engaging programs, participatory activities and compelling exhibits. 

Interpretation relies on techniques drawn from public history, living history, theater, and other museums to create unique visitor experiences. The agricultural history of the Sacramento Valley is interpreted at the Patrick Ranch Museum through the lens of social and cultural history.

Community partnerships have strengthened the Association’s Mission and nurtured community support with the Butte County Farm Bureau’s Agribee™, the Butte County Rice Growers Association, local beekeepers, California Nut Festival, Chico Rotary, Katie Hubbard Scholarship Memorial Dance, Las Seńoras, Beta Chapter of Omega Nu Foundation’s annual barn dance, Soroptimist International of Chico, and U. C. Davis Agricultural & Natural Resources Cooperative Extension- Butte County annual Student Ag Field Day.

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